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Reach and Connect Subscribers

Learn how FTTH service providers or Passive Optical LAN designers can use the InvisiLight EZ-Hide Module to enable compact Optical Network Terminal (ONT) deployment deep within subscribers’ homes and offices to facilitate WiFi coverage, and overcome aesthetic and installation challenges. Watch Now >>

Presented by John George and Roger Vaughn.


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A report on a 7+1 to 1 pump-signal combiner designed for backward pumping with higher-order mode content 24 dB lower than the fundamental mode in the output pigtail. The mode content is measured using the S2 measurement technique. The high signal beam quality is attributed to a high-quality taper and low overlap splice loss between the tapered fiber bundle and the output fiber. The combiner output fiber is large mode area with an LP01 mode effective area of 584 µm2 (MFD 27 µm). The large effective area of the output pigtail is ideal for low nonlinearity, high power delivery.
Presented by Lalitkumar Bansal, OFS Senior Research and Development Scientist
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