InvisiLight Solutions

Indoor Solution

Inside the Home, Apartment, or Living Unit

Indoor Solution

Indoor Risers and Hallways, Surface Mounted or Drop Ceilings

Outdoor Solution

Horizontally or Vertically

Outdoor Solution

Outside to Inside Transition


In 2012, OFS revolutionized the deployment of discrete and easily installable solutions for buildings and homes with InvisiLight Solutions.

Today, setting the standard based on hundreds of thousands of indoor and outdoor installations globally, the InvisiLight Optical Solution has evolved to a complete plug-and-play portfolio that encompasses:

  • OFS industry leading EZ-Bend (G.657.B3) fiber with a 2.5 mm bend radius
  • ILU spools with pre-connectorized cordage (600um or 900um as applicable)
  • MDU spools with indoor and outdoor pre-connectorized or bulk RIB multifiber cordage
  • Innovative modules for intuitive slack management
  • Engineered adhesive for secure indoor installations
  • Simple and standardized installation tools and accessories


InvisiLight ILU Solution

  • Enables fast, easy, virtually invisible fiber deployment in residences or businesses to the ONT cosmetically acceptable to building owners and residents
  • Plug and play, factory terminated and tested
  • Auto slack storage to reduce space and inventory
  • EZ-Bend 2.5 mm bend radius fiber for no concerns with corners
  • Paintable
  • Easy connection to ONT
  • Reliable deployment by Tier 1 service providers since 2012

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InvisiLight MDU Solution

  • Serves as transition from InvisiLight MDU Cord to InvisiLight ILU Optical Fiber in the unit
  • Accommodates one internal optical adapter (SC or LC footprint) and two fusion splices
  • Slots on each side allow MDU Cord entry and exit from the top of the module
  • InvisiLight ILU Optical Fiber transitions into the living unit through an access point in the base of the module
  • Adapter can be mounted in three different positions to accommodate various sizes of connector boots 
  • Accommodates splice protectors (40 mm) Point Of Entry (POE) Modules placed above doorways in the hall

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InvisiLight Facade Solution

  • Allows direct routing from building exteriors into living areas
  • Compact and lightweight Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Drop Cable
  • Features OFS award-winning EZ Bend® Optical Fiber, better than ITU G.657B3, 2.5 mm bend radius
  • White or black outer jacket to blend into building’s existing exterior
  • 3.0 – 3.8 mm cable
  • Easily secured with Sharktooth Anchors
  • May be stapled or bent around sharp corners
  • Available pre-connectorized on the network facing end with SC, LC, or MTP connectors

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The InvisiLight Drop Solution

  • Allows termination of an optical cable or jumper using direct connectorization or splicing (fusion or mechanical) to optical extensions (pigtails) of two optical fibers 
  • Accommodates up to two internal optical adapters (SC footprint)
  • Flexible deployment with two access ports on the top, two on the bottom and three through the back of the module. Compatible with wall electrical boxes
  • Compact dimensions 
  • Discreet appearance 
  • Hidden frontal screw for fast and secure cover attachment to the base 
  • Internal fiber guides for easy installation 
  • Can be installed in any vertical plane surface
  • Plastic body for high mechanical resistance and efficient design
  • Accommodates splice protectors (40 mm)

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