Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions: Connecting You to the World

Ultimately, fiber optic cables need a way to plug into your system. And, to create tomorrow’s network, you need leading-edge fiber optic connectivity solutions today. That’s where OFS can help. From deployments between cities and countries to enabling small form and function microelectronics, OFS offers a wide array of reliable, high-performance fiber optic connectivity products to connect your system while also helping to lower your overall network cost, maximize flexibility and enhance performance.

As a leading supplier of advanced fiber optic components, the OFS connectivity portfolio includes:

And since needs vary from business to business, OFS also offers cost-effective, specialized custom solutions, design capabilities and termination services to meet your most stringent requirements. Ask your OFS representative for details.

Specialty Connectivity: World-Class Solutions for Sensing, Components and Industry

OFS also offers a broad portfolio of fiber optic connectivity solutions to support the specialty optical fibers and cables that it produces.

HCS® Optical Fiber technology makes the use of “crimp and cleave” connectors possible. And with optical fiber connectors including the SMA, the ST, the SC, the LC and Hewlett Packard’s Versatile Link®, customers can use fiber optic termination equipment with cables in the field to eliminate epoxy and polishing. In fact, we make fiber optic cable as easy to use as copper cable.

For example, using the SC termination kit, Graded Index HCS® (GIHCS®) Optical Fiber in 50/230, 62.5/230 and the original Step-Index HCS 200/230 µm sizes can be rapidly and easily field terminated with SC Connectors. And associated insertion loss test kits help measure post-termination performance.

Our assembly engineers also work closely with OEM customers to provide customized optical fiber jumpers, patchcords, connectors and probes.

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