With more than 30 years of experience manufacturing fiber optic products for aerospace and defense markets, OFS is proud to offer a wide range of specialty solutions that meet the stringent industry standards.  We work to help ensure optimal quality, reliability, and safety to streamline and facilitate complex, sensitive operations.


OFS offers a well-rounded portfolio of avionics cables for both Defense and Commercial applications. Our portfolio includes high quality cables that meet the requirements of various platforms, such as flight communications, unmanned deployments (air and ground), and harsh environment communications.  OFS has extensive coating, fiber and cable capabilities allowing for the creation of customized solutions for your application.

Platform/Application Fiber Optic Cable Products
Flight Communications for Commercial and Defense Aerospace Flightguide®, FlightLinx®, FlightLinx PLUS, Avioptics®, µlinx®, avionics
Unmanned Deployments (Air and Ground) µlinx® Tether, µlinx® Avionics
Harsh Environment Communications Custom Cable Designs (buffer and cable jacket material), Single-mode and Multimode Optical Fibers with Special coatings

Navigation & Sensing

Fiber optic Gyroscopes (FOGs) are critical tools in many different platforms; aircrafts, missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and ground vehicles all require advanced optical fiber navigation technology to ensure reliability and safety.  OFS manufactures an array of products for such applications.

OFS also has capabilities to design and manufacture high-end solutions for challenging applications such as optical fiber sensors for harsh environments.

Platform/Application Optical Fiber Products
Navigation GyroSil® PM, GyroSil® Rad-Hard PM, Erbium Doped
Sensing – Composite Structures (aircraft wings) Shape Sensor Modules, Fiber Bragg Gratings

LIDAR (Light Detection & Ranging)

LIDAR systems use a pulsed laser to measure properties of scattered light and measure distance, speed, rotation or chemical composition of a remote target. OFS offers VLMA Er Amplifiers and Raman Fiber Laser Modules for use in LIDAR applications. OFS has an extensive fiber laser and amplifier research program which allows us to work with customers for customized solutions.

Free Space Communication

Free space optical communications use laser transmission through the air to communicate wirelessly between two locations. OFS manufactures a broad range of Erbium-Ytterbium Doped Optical Fibers, VLMA Er Amplifiers and Raman Fiber Laser Modules that help ensure continuous high-quality transmission through adverse weather conditions.

Directed Energy

Fiber Laser technology for defense applications is advancing rapidly due to advantages over solid state lasers. Fiber Lasers offer features that are critical to the Directed Energy platform.  OFS offers a broad line of high-performance fiber and fiber laser components such as High Power CoolMode™ Pump Combiner, the High Power CoolMode™ Pump Signal Combiner, and DirectLase™ Gain Fiber, for Fiber Laser Weapon Systems.

Weapon Systems

Reliable optical fiber tethers – used in payout systems – are essential for safe, efficient missile firing from land, sea or air based platforms. In these systems, the fiber pays out from a coiled spool to create a data path.  OFS specialized design and coating processes help optical fibers survive the harshest of environments.  OFS AccuTether® Bend-Insensitive Optical Fiber (80 and 125 µm) Payout optical fiber and reduced diameter fiber offerings can be customized to meet specific client needs.

Trade Compliance

OFS meets the import and export compliance requirements of the US Government including ITAR and EAR.

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OFS is proud to serve the unique needs of the aerospace and defense industries. We are constantly innovating to meet the demands of this market. Need help finding the right product for your application, or interested in a customized solution? Reach out to OFS today.

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